Saturday, July 26, 2014

The #newsonomics of how & why: This week from @NiemanLab

since my own "pseudo-journalism" is community blogging, e.g. computer mediated writing, I figured this belongs here. So does whatever I end up writing about #clmooc. The two don't seem much related, but then again I don't teach writing anymore. I blog. Sometimes I blog about teaching and learning but usually from a workplace/labor perspective. So I'll just add more pictures to everything. Whatever. Look for a tool that will be useful with what I do instead of teaching. And I'll share stuff to people who might use it for teaching. 

The newsonomics of how and why: This week from Nieman Lab
Nieman Lab: The Weekly Digest

The newsonomics of how and why

When people talk about explanatory journalism, the focus is on new players like Vox and FiveThirtyEight, or on giants like the Times and the Post. But can connecting the dots trickle down to the local level? By Ken Doctor.

From Grumpy Cat to Ukraine: How Mashable is expanding beyond gadgets and apps

The site known for social media and tech coverage has hired nearly 30 more editorial staffers since October and, like BuzzFeed before it, is expanding into more general interest news. By Joseph Lichterman.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Registrations now open: @clmooc Jun13-Aug + @CampNaNoWriMoJuly!

…for more summer writing & whatever fun & frolic. Wait, didn't I (over)do last year too, doubling up? Yes, but this is another year, another device (just one but younger) and a faster connection. Whatever....
We just opened the Camp NaNoWriMo gates for our July session!
You've visited Camp before, so you know the drill:
  • Flexible word-count goals, from 10,000 to 999,999.
  • Choose-your-own projects: write what you want, novel or not.
  • Virtual cabins populated with like-minded writers.
We hope you're ready to write your next great novel, short story collection, script, poetry portfolio, or anything else that strikes your fancy. And for our part, we're working on some new cabin development that you're definitely going to like.

For a little more convincing to come back for another round, check out this blog post from Lisa, one of our writers in Hawaii:
My first day at Camp gave me déjà vu, reminding me of childhood experiences of going off to camp, the shy girl suddenly faced with a group of strangers. Not to worry. My fellow cabin mates were welcoming and equally excited to tackle their Camp NaNo goals. Each day, I looked forward to checking in at my cabin and seeing what messages awaited me and my fellow campers, and to give feedback and support as the month wore on.
And all you need to do to join ius again? Head to Camp and log in.
Excited to create with you for another month,
Chris Angotti
Director of Programs

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The New Year's #Writing Resolution You Can Actually Keep

image of school desks…a variant of just write…a challenge but in a manageable chunk that you can make as small as you need to as long as it is every dayno exceptions…well, maybe two broken arms. Here's the rationale:

Most people fail at resolutions (at any time of year) for two reasons. The first is that they focus on outcomes (“lose 50 pounds”) rather than behaviors. The second is that they try to put massive changes into place all at once

The New Year's Writing Resolution You Can Actually Keep - Copyblogger

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Question Should be: Why Are You *Not* Blogging

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by writer; gives himself credit to modify!
 …agreed, even if I am behind on blogging on primary blogs (e.g. Mountair Arts, Poets & Writers Picnic and New Faculty Majority), there are the other ones. Starting a new blog is one way of avoiding "blog torment," although perhaps not the best one. That topic and blogging resistance dominate comments. The conversation this post generates is another plus. 

A final comment reminds us that, ultimately, we blog for ourselves. 

Alan Levine opens,
I don’t really have to explain why I blog. Actually I am compelled to. I cannot stand to NOT blog. It’s easy, and as I said in my first post, April 19, 2003, on a them self hosted MovableType blog- I Blog Therefore I Am.
It is for me, primarily, how I think through ideas, issues, and stuff that makes me want to puke. It is as much a part of my cognitive process.
In last week’s pre class discussion for the Program for Online Teaching Certificate Class I kind of jumped on someone in the chat who said “I do not have time to blog”. I was probably kind of rude, but I refuse to buy that as an excuse. It’s a copout.
 Read the rest at The Question Should be: Why Are You *Not* Blogging - CogDogBlog

Friday, September 27, 2013

Revision is NOT editing: Revision IS writing

… good piece on revision from Brave Writer, a new found writing source thanks to Lee Bessette dta @readywriting. Although primarily for homeschooling families, Brave Writer looks to be an equally useful resource for anyone teaching writing, tutoring or working independently to improve their own writing. Tag and file this under DIY PD  and #GetSmarter.

Miss A Writes a SongRevision is “casting new vision” for the original piece of writing. It’s a “re-imagining” of the original content. You have what you want to say, now you are considering all the various ways it can be said.

Your freewrite/draft is the jet stream of thought. It’s all of it rushing out of the writer onto the page willy-nilly.

Revision is not, now, taking that freewrite/draft and fixing commas or identifying run-on sentences. It’s not addressing tone or spelling mistakes. Those practices fall under the category of “copy-editing.”

Revision is that drastic over-haul type work that literally changes the draft sometimes so completely, the original is hardly recognizable in it any more (except maybe some sentences or the germ of the idea). Revision is where you hunker down and look at specific thoughts expressed insufficiently in the draft, and then determine how to expand them, how to enhance them, how to deepen the content or insight or facts-basis.

Revision is not editing « A Brave Writer’s Life in Brief
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