Friday, May 30, 2014

Registrations now open: @clmooc Jun13-Aug + @CampNaNoWriMoJuly!

…for more summer writing & whatever fun & frolic. Wait, didn't I (over)do last year too, doubling up? Yes, but this is another year, another device (just one but younger) and a faster connection. Whatever....
We just opened the Camp NaNoWriMo gates for our July session!
You've visited Camp before, so you know the drill:
  • Flexible word-count goals, from 10,000 to 999,999.
  • Choose-your-own projects: write what you want, novel or not.
  • Virtual cabins populated with like-minded writers.
We hope you're ready to write your next great novel, short story collection, script, poetry portfolio, or anything else that strikes your fancy. And for our part, we're working on some new cabin development that you're definitely going to like.

For a little more convincing to come back for another round, check out this blog post from Lisa, one of our writers in Hawaii:
My first day at Camp gave me déjà vu, reminding me of childhood experiences of going off to camp, the shy girl suddenly faced with a group of strangers. Not to worry. My fellow cabin mates were welcoming and equally excited to tackle their Camp NaNo goals. Each day, I looked forward to checking in at my cabin and seeing what messages awaited me and my fellow campers, and to give feedback and support as the month wore on.
And all you need to do to join ius again? Head to Camp and log in.
Excited to create with you for another month,
Chris Angotti
Director of Programs

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