Thursday, July 11, 2013

Go Galactic: An Ultimate #clmooc Make?

…When G+ is not cooperating and, after two days disconnected, you are still behind on just getting through inbox and feed reader, don't just reflect. Think BIG. What songs, images or other artifacts (makes?) would you have put on Voyager's Golden Record? Imagine tasting sound! Not fattening, I hope. What about senses we can't imagine? How would we communicate without shared senses? 

Credo = Go Galactic: make to communicate and connect with whom /what /when /wherever, under any conditions, even ones you can't even imagine? Did I say, "think big"? Take a kid, a poet or both along to help.)

Monday, July 8, 2013

blogging to map virtual learning walks

…rounding up several to connect through shared practices, words, writing and the central word cloud (found, hacked to remix here as 4-way bridge connecting three separate blogs (none registered with #clmooc), with Making Connected Learning in the lower right quadrant. Going counter-clockwise from there: Poets and Writers Picnic, the New Faculty Majority blog and Mountainair Arts (a community blog but not the only one).

I wrote one reflection today for another blog, intended to write three but didn't make it. The rest, including the one I would have included here, will have to wait.
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