CWL started as part of Multiliteracies, an EVO Workshopfor ESL instructors about using computers to teach writing, later re-purposed (and renamed) to a blog about teaching and learning language and writing with computers. What happens to language when writing and computers collide or writing when language and computers meet up?

Next, I discovered MOOCs and, after trying a just4mooc blog, turned CWL into my general purpose (if underused) course blog. Between times it's an irregular catch-all blog for language (learning, linguistics) and online writing as well as articles and courses related to such.

More recently, NWP's merry summer pranksters (aka@clmooc) and NaNoWriMo have claimed territory here and on et tu mooc (Tumblr), another liminal zone fumbling for identity. Digital Word Hoard, left over from 2012's #DigiWriMo, is another orphan/ unemployed writing blog or digital whatever to bring in, find work for— repurpose.

CWL and friends are still about language and writing learning online since those are my chosen fields even (especially) in retirement.

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