Monday, October 14, 2013

The Question Should be: Why Are You *Not* Blogging

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 …agreed, even if I am behind on blogging on primary blogs (e.g. Mountair Arts, Poets & Writers Picnic and New Faculty Majority), there are the other ones. Starting a new blog is one way of avoiding "blog torment," although perhaps not the best one. That topic and blogging resistance dominate comments. The conversation this post generates is another plus. 

A final comment reminds us that, ultimately, we blog for ourselves. 

Alan Levine opens,
I don’t really have to explain why I blog. Actually I am compelled to. I cannot stand to NOT blog. It’s easy, and as I said in my first post, April 19, 2003, on a them self hosted MovableType blog- I Blog Therefore I Am.
It is for me, primarily, how I think through ideas, issues, and stuff that makes me want to puke. It is as much a part of my cognitive process.
In last week’s pre class discussion for the Program for Online Teaching Certificate Class I kind of jumped on someone in the chat who said “I do not have time to blog”. I was probably kind of rude, but I refuse to buy that as an excuse. It’s a copout.
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