Saturday, July 26, 2014

The #newsonomics of how & why: This week from @NiemanLab

since my own "pseudo-journalism" is community blogging, e.g. computer mediated writing, I figured this belongs here. So does whatever I end up writing about #clmooc. The two don't seem much related, but then again I don't teach writing anymore. I blog. Sometimes I blog about teaching and learning but usually from a workplace/labor perspective. So I'll just add more pictures to everything. Whatever. Look for a tool that will be useful with what I do instead of teaching. And I'll share stuff to people who might use it for teaching. 

The newsonomics of how and why: This week from Nieman Lab
Nieman Lab: The Weekly Digest

The newsonomics of how and why

When people talk about explanatory journalism, the focus is on new players like Vox and FiveThirtyEight, or on giants like the Times and the Post. But can connecting the dots trickle down to the local level? By Ken Doctor.

From Grumpy Cat to Ukraine: How Mashable is expanding beyond gadgets and apps

The site known for social media and tech coverage has hired nearly 30 more editorial staffers since October and, like BuzzFeed before it, is expanding into more general interest news. By Joseph Lichterman.

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