Monday, December 7, 2015

e-Learning Instructional Strategies to Teach to the Whole Person | Teacherrogers

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Teaching to the whole person is more important than ever. But how can we do this in an online learning environment? I work at a Jesuit and Catholic college where I’ve been learning about Jesuit education and Ignatian pedagogy. The principles of Ignatian pedagogy include context, experience, reflection, action, and evaluation (Korth, 1993). To address these in distance education, I’m developing an instructional design (ID) model that is a combination of learner-centered, experience-centered, activity-centered, and content-centered to fully address the whole person in online courses. Ragan, Smith, and Curda (2008) stated that a combination ID model is possible. Not only is it possible, to include research-based best practices, it is absolutely necessary to provide diverse and rich experiences in online environments. Otherwise, a single-mode of learning will become monotonous and decrease student motivation to learn.
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