Thursday, December 27, 2007

Welcome to Teaching and Learning Tips & Tricks

Welcome. I just said that in the title, didn't I?

My name is Vanessa Vaile. I have been teaching ESL online with EFI since around 1998 or so and started while still at UC Davis. Presently, I live in Mountainair NM and teach online college courses in composition and humanities - from but not in Mountainair - as well as ESL for EFI.

My Week 5 session is "The Email-based Online Class," which has evolved over the years. In addition to my presentation tracking its evolution and administrative streamlining from a Pine mailing list in DOS through groups to current email + blog format, it will also cover blogging in the online ESL classroom (or learning group). So far, I am sharing session space with Beyza Yilmaz, who will (or so I gather) do something on wikis in the the ESL classroom and compare blogs and wikis as teaching tools.

Our Week 5 session is already evolving from"The Email-based Online Class" to "not just voice but text too" or "text stilogl has a place in the online ESL class" or maybe even "from email to groups to blogging to wikis and beyond."

Tentatively re-titled (but subject to change):
Managing the Asynchronous Online Classroom: from E-mail to Blogs and Wikis

When the syllabus is more or less the way we want it, I'll post it on the blog. Likewise, when I've limned out blog features, settings and general furnishings in more detail, I'll write them up here. Tentatively, the right hand sidebar will carry links, resources, EVO information, images, cartoons and other fun stuff - depending on mood and what I come across.

Please post your comments, ideas, personal teaching experiences, suggestions regarding our topic. The more feedback the better.
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