Sunday, July 22, 2012

Filtering EdTech news & deconstructing the ENT

Money…"Mo Money Still No Business" titles Edukwest's ceducation news - ENT #23 for July 16- 22 and may refer to big money spent on acquisitions. yet to show earnings or have business plans. Coursera, among others, comes to mind.

Deconstructing the Acronym, ENT reminds me of the slow moving, ancient trees in Lord of the Rings. Education is anything but slow moving lately, to a fault many say. The same cannot be said of all practitioners. Therein lies conflict yet to resolved. EN is obvious for Education News. I'm still working on the T. Education News Today? EduKWest (KW for publisher/content curator's initials) is self-described as "on the search for better education," although "better investments in" might be just as if not more apt.

Any collection of annotated news links within a field is a potential filter. Bear in mind that the ENT bent leans to edtech, edu-biz, sales, startups, acquisitions, launches and the like ~ strong commercial, corporate and pro-privatization, as in this recent article about education reform. Not agreeing with this particular (and increasingly pervasive) bias is all the more reason to track it.

This weeks stories are no exception: acquisitions, launches, edu-biz start-ups. Tech and newswire services, not higher ed media, are the major contributors. Blogs, opinion pieces, guest posts and other features yield links and learning resources to check out, share, perhaps bookmark. Language Garden, destined for sharing on Blogging English and the StudyCom's online Help Board, is just one example.

Mo Money Still No Business – ENT #23 July 16th to July 22nd 2012
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