Sunday, January 20, 2008

The right place for me !

Hi ,
Thanks for the invitation. I'll be glad to share my modest experience with you. I've been working on the use of e-mail to contribute to the improvement of writing in my EFL classes for some time now. As no technical support is provided in my school, the students and I have to use our home computers . There's a good website - EPALS - which enables teachers with monitored accounts for their classes. My first online colleague and I have been using its services for a while. Recently, a colleague from the US suggested that we share a blog together and she is setting up.

I shall be looking forward to learning more trips and tricks from you.Writing is the skill that presents the most challenges for a language teacher.

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Vanessa said...

Thanks - and glad to have you here, You bring up an important consideration: we have to work with the tools and the tech that we have. Assuming that every learner or computer user will have access to all the latest is,.quite frankly, elitist, not to mention symptomatic of tunnel vision.

Email is still the predominant mode of written electronic communication, at least on this planet. It makes sense to do as much with it as we can. Groups are email based and still a powerful class management too.

I'm starting our week 5 with email and appreciate any input you offer..

When I polled my own online ESL class (adults from around the globe - including Morocco) about what skill presented the most challenge, writing topped the list.

Maybe some of my students would be interested in becoming "e-pals" with yours. I'll ask.

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