Monday, January 26, 2009

Week 4 Assignments

Discussion questions: discuss one or more of the questions under “Topics.” Reply to posts commenting on your answer. Respond to / comment on at least two original posts answering two different discussion question.

Discussion Topics

  • Informal or low stakes writing assignments
  • Writing groups
  • Collaborative writing
  • AWE
  • Word processing text analysis and checking tools
  • Peer editing
  • Marking papers / managing paper load


Hands on assignments: pick ONE of the following assignments to complete by Saturday and post to the Week 4 assignment thread.

  • Take one substantial post from this or another EVO session and send it through one of the online raters/text analysis tools on the resource list.
  • Form writing group with 3 other students. Exchange short writing samples. Use peer editing guidelines to review, comment and make recommendations.
  • Design and write peer review guidelines or a holistic rubric for a class you teach.

The Plan: (subject to change of course)

  • Upload page/s about workshop to Pages sections.
  • Sort the workshop file into several pages, separate files.
  • Upload resources file to Files section on group,
  • Search YouTube for videos on AWE, peer editing. etc.
  • Search Slide Share, WiZiQ, other for Power Points
  • Schedule live session in Tapped In, WiZiQ, YM or Google Chat.

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