Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Job Title: Social Media Slave

New writing genres for new jobs in new media/New Media: "Content Creation" involves writing, not 100% but can't leave home without it and involves computers too. How perfect for CLW can a recycled blog post be ... and not even about teaching unless perhaps implicitly as yet another genre to teach. And another interesting blog to subscribe to....

Social Media Jobs

"We all know how important it is for the social, real time web. No more corporate-ese please. We’ve had just enough of that blank, heartless, double speak for the time being. Press releases and official announcements that don’t tell you anything are as outdated as, well press releases and official announcements. The new client, the new sharer, wants authentic communication. We want bold headlines, crisp, alive copy and we want it to be presented to us married to great design that we can, and WANT to share with whoever we need to.

But what happens when businesses need content creation and aren’t willing to find the people, or pay the right rates, to get it down."

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