Friday, April 1, 2011

Teaching Carnival 4.8

(Blogging) carnie barker ProfHacker at The Chronicle welcomes you to Teaching Carnival 4.8. I've seen other blog carnivals, including more than a few teaching ones, mostly subject and K-12, but somehow missed this one. Fits right in with writing/blogging about teaching, computers, languages, writing, MOOC, multileracies. Other carnivals feature teaching blogs for K-12 and ESL/EFL/ELL. Visiting a carnival is good way to check out teaching blogs and pick new ideas.

ProfHacker has become the permanent home of the Teaching Carnival, so each month you can return for a snapshot of the most recent thoughts on teaching in college and university classrooms. You can find previous carnivals on Teaching Carnival’s home page.

Technology in the Classroom

  • Shaun Huston at A Weird Fish experiments with using Storify in the classroom. With many of the same capabilities as a blog, Storify offers unique opportunities to facilitate student learning.
  • Kathryn Crowther, writing for TECHStyle, a forum for digital pedagogy hosted by Georgia Tech, has some suggestions for Steampunking your pedagogy. Also for TECHStyle, Leeann Hunter describes the semester wrap-up of some collaborative work in her classroom
  • The Worst Professor Ever also weighs in on digital pedagogy. She’s good for some bummer thoughts to harsh your digital humanities mellow. After that, she takes on the question of what Blackboard can’t do for you.
  • Gordon Watts describes some of the possibilities inherent in the move to digitize ever-larger portions of our books.
  • Finally, Richard N. Landers at Neo-Academic considers the correlation between Twitter, student engagement, and grades and asks us to consider the relationship between succeeding at a learning game and enjoying one.
[Image by Bill Wolff and used under the Creative Commons license.]
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