Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Diigo: done did it

 or Adventures in Diigo-Land: not that much of adventure since I already had a Diigo account that I use some but less than Delicious, which is faster, especially with marklet plug-in. The speed bump was lost note with login information (geriatric hard drive melt down) and forgetting which email account I signed in from. I'd say try not to have systems problems right when starting a course or project, but that's not something we have control over. Too bad.

I should use Diigo more and have been inching up on it, a bit more each online workshop, class or MOOC that calls for it. Inching is my approach of choice for assimilating apps ~ minimizes frustration and keeps long term memory from going out on strike for unfair working condition. Turbo-techno-teachers might bear that in mind dealing with students new to the tech they themselves take for granted.

Diigo won't supplant or completely replace Delicious but don't doubt it will find its place in the Repertoire of Useful Performing Apps. This round I'll use the sharing tools more and maybe just maybe explore it for quick & easy blog content posting. With the gang of blogs I have, I'm always on the lookout for that.


Talitha said...

Hi Vanessa,

It sounds like you know quite a bit about Diigo -- I'm a newbie, so I'm looking forward to learning from your experiences.


Vanessa said...

Happy to answer any questions I can. My own experience with most social media apps has been that everyone uses an app differently. Tips and sharing help a lot. Here most will be teaching related - but we each work out our own best way. I figure a course has been worth it if I pick up just one new thing (new app, new way to use one I have, etc).

Anonymous said...

I personally decided to go with internet bookmarks all at once, so had to choose between delicious and Diigo. Frankly, there's not much of a difference between the two unless you're going to use all Diigo's extras. But I liked it . . . and then it went pay for the extras. *sigh*

What makes you prefer Delicious over Diigo?

Vanessa said...

It's less a matter of preference than convenience. I already had an established Delicious account, tags, bundles etc.

Diggo has handy features not on Delicious - highlighting, stickies, more sharing options. It's an annotation tool. Delicious is not.

Having used and still using both, Delicious is better for snatch and grab on the run and Diigo for more leisurely and detailed work that you want to share or post (twitter, Facebook, blog by email) right then and there.

If you have not been using social bookmarking then starting with two at the same time could be confusing. Pick the one that best suits your purpose. Later you can add another ... or not

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