Saturday, February 25, 2012

#mooc/s & me: what week is this anyway?

Discussion seems thin on the Program for Online Teaching's Facebook group. If discussion has moved to another location, I missed it. Group is where most of my current POT activity centers lately, posting links and comments. The same, to a lesser degree, seems true for the Change11 group. Facebook is convenient because I already check in to manage local (2), P&WPicnic and New Faculty Majority pages. Even so I do as much of that as possible by email and the Fb share button on my toolbar. 

I don't intend to title every CWL post, however infrequent, "catching up," even if the best way to describe them so far. Hence,  "#mooc/s & me." One problem (among, alas, others) surely lies in trying to address (and tag) too many moocs in a single post, an inevitable corollary to following too many moocs.  A workable solution may not be possible but still a learning experience either way ~ succeed or fail. 


This morning I am catching up on reading and comment on Program blogs but need to break away shortly for Saturday morning reminders on the community announcements blog, may something more fun on the other. Ever on the look out for economies of scale, I think about ways to combine mooc and community blogging. Such is the quest for a virtual Philosopher's Stone of blogging. 

POTcert's tools for online and hybrid course are interesting and teaching an enduring interest. Currently, neither is my primary focus. Social media, content curation and developing online community (and other) networks are, all related to and overlapping with tools and teaching. The more related self-paced study projects are on the back burner for now.  Here's one local project, Virtual Salt Missions Trail

Change11 ideas and concepts fit right into my emerging/evolving image of community networks ~ autonomous, overlapping, linked, distributed ~ as related. These are not class, course or event but include events, groups, and need to learn to survive, thrive. Too many silos though. The same applies to isolated, intermittently communicating clusters of adjunct faculty across the country. Stephen's latest post on Half an Hour struck me as relevant to flexible organizing for both. 

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