Saturday, August 11, 2012

invitation to a #mooc on moocs (in #highered)

aka MoocMooc (already using the word too many times, suggesting a mooc³), will mooc its way around the tubz and distribute on networks six days, next week, August 12-18. Have the good #hybridped folk putting it on seen, Gordon's adaptation of José Bogado's la vaca de los sinvaca’?

"Yeah," so we muttered amongst ourselves over at Change11, CMC11 and POTcert Facebook groups, "aren't they all?"  

True, but the more I read about this one, the more it has a different feel of not being the same. The organizers at Hybrid Pedagogy (A Digital Journal of Teaching and Pedagogy), although not mooc rats ~ c or x ~ are trying to bring together higher education groups with a shared interest in online learning but that haven't, for the most part, been connecting with one another as much I would have expected (hoped). 

The orientation is (or seems to me) to be on what mooc/s are and are not, how they will fit into / change higher education. The primary audience is seems to be faculty (large % of adjuncts) who have not done, taken, participated in, followed or lurked moocs and whose information derives from higher ed and mainstream media

One of the organizers, Sean Michael comments (link below)

We imagined MOOC MOOC to be a specialized sort of experiment, aimed primarily at educators, to explore what MOOCs are, what they can be, how they work and how they fail, and to recognize them as a new form of education, rather than a revised version of the classroom. 

MoocMooc is made possible through partnerships with the Writing and Communication Program at Georgia Tech and the English and Digital Humanities program at Marylhurst where editors Jessie and Pete are on faculty in the above programs.

Links for anyone interested:


Gordon Lockhart said...

Interesting and informative Vanessa - and good to see MOOCow still at large! Wish I knew "..what mooc/s are and are not, how they will fit into / change higher education"! I recently joined an xMOOC - very different from cMOOCs but not without its merits. Now I look forward to MOOCs that are all things to all people: the 'super-MOOC' (more here - MOOcow will be over the moon :)

Vanessa Vaile said...

Perhaps, even a bit Alice like, they will pick up clues we overlooked and tell us. At least they will add a perspective and more connections, get more too.

"MOOcow over the moon" ~ I want to remember that one. Yet another MOOC inspired genre ~ "running a-mooc"
with puns and wordplay.

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