Thursday, December 27, 2012

6 blog design tips for non-designers

…definitely CLW fodder. I should cross post it to the New Faculty Majority blog too (filed under wishful thinking). Tag it #readability, #webwriting & #genres (this last would make a passable CLW post too…let me count the genres I write thee). 

I don’t do a lot of B2B (blogger-to-blogger) posts here, but I was trying to read a blog post the other day (about something I really wanted to learn about) and the design of the blog made it absolutely painful to read! So I thought maybe I’d take my experience as a web designer and write a little post with a few tips that’ll help make anyone’s blog more comfortable to read.

Blogger Cassie lays out 6 easy design tips with visual examples: left justify always, link color matters, use headers, watch line lengths, short paragraphs, skip serif for body text. But if you love something. keep it ~ it's your blog. Now read the rest of 6 blog design tips for non-designers

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