Sunday, January 27, 2013

a random thought on tagging and declaring

Week 2 =  Declare "who you are and what you hope to achieve in this session." This is where I tell everyone why I'm here. That's always been a problem because I'm usually unsure why and am here to find out. Maybe more than just one thought altogether. Central and shaping thought is about going at it backwards: not quite reverse engineering my declaration, but considering it already declared and laying it bare, exposing even quantifying it. 

Declare by blogging, tagging, tweeting, bookmarking and aggregating. ✔ already do all those: the necessary ingredients should be there. I've got the tagging habit (albeit with occasional gaps), mostly thanks to Vance and earlier Multiliteracies sessions.

So let me look at the tag clouds on my blogs and bookmarking accounts. Twitter tags and textual analysis of files are not out of the question but possibly more than I want to think about taking on just yet, but a tweet cloud would be an interesting and revealing experiment. creates a Wordle from any public account name. There are a number of other apps. 

Nor will I limit myself to education/teaching related blogs and posts because that is only part of my online online life. Most of my blogging and projects, from community and advocacy to personal interest, are information sharing and learning related. Including them in declaring could be a big step in integrating digital identities, already somewhat overlapping. That is the other thought and corollary that raises it above a counting game.

Maybe this will even help me wayfinding and sensemaking through multiple massives (whatever was I thinking /not?).

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