Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hacking the Writing Camp Guide to Rebelling…Remixing

make icon small…by turning #NaNoWriMo Camp a into a #clmooc Make. Or maybe the other way. Why? …because I'm doing the Making Learning Connected MOOC, one of National Writing Project's (NWP) Summer of Making and Connecting activities. 

What I have here are two rather different but both "moocish" summer writing camps. Peanut butter and chocolate "make" a Reese's. Writing, is all over the place in both. 

Neither is notably oriented to my current online projects, and I have no time to shoehorn in anything that is not. Combining them to "make" my own version just might do it. The "do your own thing" aspect of Camp was irresistible, but I wasn't up to to the Spring one and fizzled ~ too many plates in the air and crashing about my ears. Maybe this will too but I won't know until I try...

The Camp Guide to Rebelling

So you’ve come to Camp NaNoWriMo, but you don’t want to write a novel? Fear not, Campers! 
Whether it was plans for a silent movie script during Script Frenzy 2012 or my hours of studying for this past Camp NaNoWriMo, I rarely seem to start my “noveling” months with a novel in mind. Now, choosing the Rebel way isn’t always easier. Along the way, I’ve come up with a few tips to keep the creative magic bright, no matter your medium. 
1. Define what success will mean for you. A major part of NaNoWriMo success is the motivation that comes from working towards goals and within deadlines. Rebelling means you get to decide what this looks like. To make it a little easier, we have some suggestions for setting “word-count” goals (you can check those out in the FAQ section for both scripts and editing), but the beauty of Camp is that you choose the rules.
How connectivist can you get? Now read the rest of Camp NaNoWriMo Guide to Rebelling 

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