Thursday, July 11, 2013

Go Galactic: An Ultimate #clmooc Make?

…When G+ is not cooperating and, after two days disconnected, you are still behind on just getting through inbox and feed reader, don't just reflect. Think BIG. What songs, images or other artifacts (makes?) would you have put on Voyager's Golden Record? Imagine tasting sound! Not fattening, I hope. What about senses we can't imagine? How would we communicate without shared senses? 

Credo = Go Galactic: make to communicate and connect with whom /what /when /wherever, under any conditions, even ones you can't even imagine? Did I say, "think big"? Take a kid, a poet or both along to help.)

Earth sent probes out into space years ago. They are still traveling. Will their contents be discovered and deciphered by an alien intelligence? Who knows? I am excited and terrified by the thought. Between our TV shows, radio, and other emissions, what lessons are we teaching about ourselves to the galaxy?
The Voyager space probes contain a golden record which is intended to be an introduction to human civilization. This is our calling card. If you had a chance to replace or alter its contents, what would you include on Earth's introduction to the universe? What images, formulas, or songs? Be ambitious.
I love this thought experiment. Alien life may smell sound. They may taste it. The gap between different types of intelligences, and the challenge of communication across the cosmos, is an epic puzzle.
What is your mixed tape for the stars? How do we share who and what we are with the cosmos?
A Greeting to the Galaxy: What Songs or Images Would You Have Put on Voyager's Golden Record?

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