Friday, July 11, 2008

The Best Online Learning Games

Try these "best online learning games" - then tell us which you like best and why. Are they the best? Can you add any learning games to the list?

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david santos said...

I loved this post and this blog.
Have a nice day.

Vanessa said...

David - my utmost apologies for extreme tardiness. I set up this blog for EVO 2008 and, aside from emailing the occasional post, pretty much forgot about until EVO 2009, which starts today. Besides getting into a couple of workshops (missed the registration deadline last year), I am again doing a section (1 week) of a workshop and still addressing the writing process & relevant tech.

My Portugeuse is sketchy at best - cobbled up triangulation of Spanish + dialects, Old Spanish, Italian, Latin, Catalan & just guessing - but I worked my way through your quote. Worth the work. Next, to try your blog

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