Monday, December 29, 2008

Tips & Tricks 2009

It's EVO time again. This year, I'm taking on week 4 of the teaching tips & tricks workshop and revised the description posted at the EVO wiki. My offering is still about teaching technology and writing.

This year I am taking on technology and strategies for managing managing the oversized ESL writing class. Entry level college writing classes for native speakers are capped at 18-25 students. Even 25 is a lot if you teach multiple writing intensive classes. The marking alone will do you in. Yet all around the world, hard working ESL instructor teach huge writing classes.

I'm working on a more detailed workshop outline and schedule and developing/hunting down resources, all of which will be posted here as we go along.

I am particularly interested in feedback and suggestions from teachers working with over-sized writing classes. What do you need? What have you been doing that works for you?


The Teaching Tips & Tricks Workshop provides online and blended-class teachers with tools and ideas to use in their classes. The objective is to familiarize teachers interested in computer enhanced learning environments with practical applications of appropriate and available tools.


Week 4: Managing Large ESL Writing Classes.

Topic areas include: writing situations and strategies; becoming a self aware writer and one’s own editor; writing groups; feedback strategies and using software application as feedback tools; collaborative writing and document sharing; peer review; revision; rubrics; holistic evaluation.

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