Friday, January 14, 2011

Fw: Only a few days left for testing IAW Beta 3 for free

In case you've ever wondered why some content mill articles read as though written by buggy software in beta.... hmm, maybe student essays too...

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The free testing period for Jon Leger's latest version of Instant Article Wizard ends this Sunday. If you want to check out what it is capable of, have a look at the video on this page:


If you want to see what other users say about the software, read this testimonial:
I Can Write 100% Unique Articles in Minutes! 

I have been using the software for only a couple days and I am already finding new applications for it.

This is hands down the most powerful article writing tool I have ever used. The articles are finished in minutes, are 100% unique and 100% readable. I not only use it for article marketing but found it to be useful to create 100% unique blog posts for my blogs.

IAW does all the research for you, no more wasting time searching for content and no more writers block. What used to take me an hour I can now finish in 5 minutes!

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