Monday, January 16, 2012

#evomlit chat anyone?

Here's an idea that come to me straight from Jenny saying "see you online or on Twitter." Let's do a twitter chat with its own hashtag: set a time for synchronous discussion on twitter like #FYCchat, #Engchat, #ELTchat and others.  


This fits right into the tags part of "Declaring" too and is easy to do. Set a time, show up then on Twitter, search the designated #hashtag and join the discussion or just follow. Twitter chat discussions usually set a topic but don't have to. It might be better to have a different (modified) tag instead of using just #evomlit because we use that as a general tag. What about #mlitchat (to save characters) or #evomlitchat? We'd still want to use #evomlit for archiving.

Think about it. What would be the most convenient time for as many "multiliterates" as possible. 


Searching, I saw more links and resources about #twchat than I would have expected. There's another blog post here too as well as a synchronous activity to host for Program for Online Teaching. Until then, I offer a few links to tide you over:

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