Wednesday, January 11, 2012

making a list, checking it twice

So #evomlit 2012 begins. #Change11 & #POTcert11 heading into 2nd half. Time to (try again to) get it together. That reminds me of a Nebbish cartoon. But not worry overmuch either if I don't...


For those, who as Vance phrased it, like ticking items off checklist, here's where I am this morning. I feel obliged to mention though that like may have little to do with it. I am approaching that Swiss cheese brain stage of life plus multitask online in several other areas, so no list = forgetting. Necessity as they say can be a real mother, or in this case, grandmother. 

Multiple multi-tasking... would that be multi-multi-tasking or multi-tasking²? I digress. Back to the list ... with commentary aka asides.

One advantage to MultiLit The Rerun: some tasks are already done, although even those benefit from checking and perhaps tweaking. 
  • In YGroup (obviously), set to web mail (I change setting for ease of replying at least for 1st week, which also reinforces the reply habit)
  • Posterous account and subscribed to Multiliteracies
  • already got blog/s
  • Ditto Delicious and Diigo
  • feeds already in reader for all the above 
If you don't already have these and with feeds in reader and/or aggregator, I recommend taking care of it early. NOW! Next week if not sooner, you will be overwhelmed and hard put to get to it. 

Next MOOC, if you have notice and register early, do it before course starts ~ my  #1 tip on how to pack for a MOOC. 

New this time or something to do every time, I 
  • Introduce myself again on group, read ALL introductions and post greet other participants
  • Sent request (pending) to
  • Registered (pending) with our "new" Ning
  • Remove #hiatus tag from Multiliteracies folder in Google Reader (like mail, what you can do with GR is a whole topic on its own)
  • Post addresses, IDs and urls for email, twitter, blog/s, aggregator page, PLN, other social media. This should be part of introduction but I forgot yesterday so will add them to this post.
email: or
ID/s: Yahoo ~ vcrary; Google ~ vanessa.87036

Now back to thinking about where I want to go, whether to commit to a "project" or just putter as I meander the mooc landscape collecting, curating, engaging and of course procrastinating. Thinking of the denizens of digitalandia, be they natives or tourists, immigrants or visitors, I realize that I am none of these, more like a footloose vagabond at home in mind.  

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