Tuesday, November 27, 2012

#nanowrimo Week 4, Final Boss

…although neither a gamer nor facing the same problems, I can identify with this post and especially the ennui it expresses. Besides, I really like the graphic. The words, extra ones even, are already there but need rounding up for validation, whipping into shape. The monster is too baggy even by NaNoWriMo standards. Do I sound more like a cattle drover than a writer? Split the difference...maybe Garrison Keillor's cowboy character.

So I half-pantsed this novel, which means that with each new day, I’ve made up something else.... I have discovered a number of gaping plot holes and continuity issues in my novel. When I’m bored, my writing sounds boring. I yawn as I write it. I yawn as I read it over.... My enthusiasm for my novel is long gone.... The end is in sight, but it’s all vague, and janky, and not how I imagined it! And all of this is coupled with the conviction that if I stop now, I’ll never be able to forgive myself for giving up.

This week is my Final Boss week. In video game parlance, that means that it’s my hardest challenge yet, and is largely uncharted territory. As an excellent Final Boss ought to do, it takes all the problems I’ve dealt with since the beginning of the month, and throws them at me all at once.

Read the rest of Ari's post, Week 4, Final BossPhoto by Flickr user Monda@NoTelling.

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