Friday, November 2, 2012

November means no excuses

…#nanowrimo & by extension #digiwrimo advice + a timely (even overdue) rant from Heim Binas' fiction blog

Expect to see more posts here this month, and ones about digital writing. Even though I couldn't nano without a computer, I've never thought to make the obvious computers language writing connection. This year, however, I am taking a try at Digital Writing Month. Can't miss that connection. Is this then no NaNo? No, still nano-ing. This year it is double or nothing month. Why both? I'm not entirely sure but will explore the why while navigating the shoals of how. What about plot? T'm still working on that one. Stay tuned...

And now for that timely rant I promised. Heimas Binas wrote,

Once again, I am rebooting an old NaNoWriMo-themed post, this one from 2009.  There's also a post I wrote after Grub Street's 2011 Muse & the Marketplace writing conference, called The Writer Is The One Who Stays In The Room that I think addresses the same issues.
  • Don't get it right, get it written.
  • You can't edit a blank page.
  • Write so fast, your inner editor can't catch you.
Sometimes you need to walk away from your work to get perspective, especially if you're editing.  But this month, you're not editing, and we don't WANT perspective.

Run, writers, run...

Originally posted October 29, 2009
In my opinion, one of the most valuable lessons taught by NaNoWriMo is how to write even when you're not inspired or in the mood to write.... but hey, sometimes there are deadlines. Sometimes, it's November. How do you write without the magical, genius, inspiring, motivating idea
Or maybe you Just. Keep. Writing. Sometimes the risk is too high that, if we walk away to "refresh" ourselves, we may never come back. And in November, any writing you do to help move your story forwards does count towards your final word count goal....It all counts towards your 50K, and it gets you into the habit of working through the tough moments. 
And in November, it's all good. Every dumb word you write gets you one word closer...
Read the rest at November means no excuses

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