Saturday, February 16, 2008

Input please

What aspect of teaching writing or classroom delivery / management challenge should we address next?

Use the comment function to give us your input


Beyza said...

Dear Vanessa and all,
I think feedback and how our sts respond to it is another challenge.Why don't we focus on it next?

Vanessa said...


Too broad and general. Can you be more specific? What do you have in mind for relating the topic to the computer applications or tools and the ESL classroom?

Does this situation differ from other writing classes? If so, how and what does it change in giving feedback on writing and eliciting response to that feedback?

Otherwise, why re-invent the wheel? There are many good online resources on feedback to student writing from university writing programs. Google up
feedback + student writing.

As for student response to feedback - be patient. Getting them into the habit can take time, patience and coaxing.

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