Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Week 5 is here!

Hello Tipsters

Week 5 is here and with it, writing. Since this week is about writing, I want to step back from voice and video tools and ask you to write your thoughts rather than speaking them.

Beyza and I will write - and ask you to write - using the same tools we use with in computer mediated writing: email, text chat and conferencing, blogs and wikis. I hope that using these same tools to communicate with one another about writing - in writing - will add to our insights on using them teaching. Beyza is up for adding voice. I am more for mute week of scribbling.

Let's start by briefly stating where we each come from as a writing teacher - background, exeperience, teaching situation, levels/ ages taught, class structure, OLS if relevant, and so on


  1. I'll post my first question (perhaps on my teaching tips & tricks blog as well as here on YG), which will be general - a reflection on teaching writing and its place in your classroom.
  2. The question after that will ask you to reflect further on teaching writing and to share your own experiences and impressions.
  3. Then onto tools - so start thinking now about what tools do you use now as well as what tools to you want to incorporate into teaching writing in your ESL/EFL classes.
Your answers will also help Beyza design her asynchronous presentation and WiZiQ session this coming Sunday.

Write on!


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