Monday, February 18, 2008

Recapping Sunday Session

Beyza's report on her Sunday session on using Wiki's in the ESL classroom

Dear All,

We had a great session last night with the participants .We learned how to use wikis in our classes and how to edit wikis in the playground and reflection sections of our week 5 wiki.We decided to edit it and add some more information even after the sessions as it 's really a good way to make us collaborate and learn together.You can have a look and edit it anytime you like.

The recording of the WIZIQ session is at:

Our Week 5 wiki is at
You can edit it as long as you have the invite key, tipsandtrick

I also uploaded my ppts to SlideShare and sent an invitation to the Tips & Tricks group to view them there.

It was really nice to get together in WIZIQ yesterday.Thanks a lot for your participation.

Have a great week!!

English instructor &CALL Coordinator
Bahcesehir University English Preparatory Program

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