Saturday, February 23, 2008

Online Collaborative Writing

FYI - links for collaborative writing sites. Why? Because collaborative writing is a possible solution - or at least welcome help - for the oversized writing class.


Fivegreenbananas said...

Hi Vanessa - you mention in your post on collaborative writing. Just to let you know or others interested in joining the site, the Book One comp resulted in the book 'Five Green Bananas' due out in April 2008. Plans for future competitions and books are open right now, but expect that later this year, there will be a Book Two comp. Anyone can post writing and have it read and rated before then, but the site has taken a back seat whilst getting the results of the collaborative effort made into finished printed product. Three of the 13 winning, soon-to-be published authors are under 18.We've received lots of positive comments on using the platform in creative writing class or school groups. Look forward to seeing you on the site in future.

Vanessa said...

Hi 5bananas (for short) thanks for the information. I'm trying to put together resources for teachers and collaborative writing seems perfect for teachers with large classes and not enough time for reading and responding to student writing.

I'm encouraging my own online class to join your site.

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