Thursday, February 14, 2008

Welcome to week 5- Teaching writing

Hello tipsy trickers,:)

Welcome to week 5. My name is Beyza Yilmaz and I'll moderate this week with Vanessa Vaile . As Vanessa mentioned in her previous e-mail,we will focus on teaching writing with online tools . We have many different teaching contexts and there are various tools to make use of to teach writing. We will try to show you how we use these tools with our classes to provide you with practical ideas. Of course it's up to you to choose what to use depending on your teaching contexts and objectives. Please feel free to reflect upon the tools which will be mentioned during this week both in our blog ,wiki and in our yahoogroup to come up with better ideas..Do not forget there will be a synchronous session at 6 PM GMT on Sunday in WIZIQ.You'll be sent a link about the session.

We hope you enjoy week 5 .

Best wishes:)



Teacher Dave said...

Thank you Vanessa and Beyza for kicking off your workshop with such a lot of interesting material. I've never been much of a writer but I hope that will change with the ideas I get from your workshop. One tip I'd like to contribute: Google groups ( is pretty cool in that it has all the bells and whistles of Yahoo groups and in addition allows for online collaborative webpage creation, something I haven't seen elsewhere. (As usual I'm talking more about the bottle than the wine therein... many apologies)

Vanessa said...

You're quite welcome Dave - and thank you. Have you accepted your invitation to become a guest contributor?

You inadvertently raise an interesting & I bet overlooked point: not all ESL teachers are writing oriented (nor is it universally considered a requirement). Some may even hate writing as much as their students do. But you still have to teach writing. What do you do? What would make it easier? This is as important a question as those about how to manage the requirement to teach writing in the over-sized class.

Some of the strategies Beyza and I suggested to Hala might work for you.

Another problem probably overlooked by manuals and syllabi: students can tell when you don't really have your heart in what you are teaching. You can't get them charged up when you aren't.

So maybe one answer lies in finding what would get you interested in writing.

Doesn't that sound like a topic for a whole new post?

Vanessa said...


Don't forget to post the WZIQ announcement here too.

FYI - you (and our other contributors) should be able to create your (their) own unique email address for posting by emai - from any email address on any computer or computing device, including mobile phones. Open the dashboard page, go to settings and click "email," You can also check a box on the same page to have updates emailed to you.

These features make blogging as mobile as email and texting... putting blogging in the MALL camp as well

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