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The differences between blog, web and wiki was the very first question ( posed in the EVO Workshop, Blogging 4 Educators, which has both blog.( and wiki ( The following is from Blogging 4 Educators, Week 1 - In your own words:
While it is true they are all websites, the most significant difference is that blogs and wikis are part of the so called Web 2.0 services or the read/write web, which allows users to easily publish and edit content. Traditional websites (Web 1.0) required experts to know a special language, HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) and users could only read or consume information. Generally, you can only reach the webmasters or site owners by e-mail but you can’t interact with other readers or change the content.

Beyza worked up a blog/wiki comparison sheet that I hope she'll post on our Tips blog.

I've been blogging for a a couple of years now. My "take" on blogs and blogging keeps changing. Blogs have many purposes and can be so much more than a collection of personal commentaries. I publish a local community and arts blog as well as another for my online ESL class. I writer several others as well, but the community and arts blog, Mountainair Arts, the private class blog (Blogging English) and now the Tips & Tricks blog take up most of my blogging time. No two are the same: I use each differently.

I use the class blog to deliver lessons, links and study materials, post assignments and discussion questions. It is not a public blog and is just for the class so they can have a private place to share their writing. Everyone in the class is a guest contributor. Blogging English is a writing group, bulletin board, discussion forum. resource page, online classroom and delivery system.

Mountainair Arts, my community and arts blog at probably comes closest to matching your understanding of blogs. I blog my personal opinions and post a lot of internet research on. I also blog community interest news, post links, announce events, editorialize and write about issues I think are important to the community. There is no newspaper in Mountainair, so the blog is also local media. It supplements but does not replace the local grapevine - word of mouth and flyers posted about town.

Recently I started a blog just for an annual local poetry event, the Poets and Writers Picnic at This blog is a time saver because it takes the place of the web page that I have to put up every year for the event. Past web pages are still up an linked to the blog for continuity. Blogs can also be quick and easy "web pages for dummies in a hurry."

Yet another blog, one I've been neglecting, is for personal writing and culture criticism that some local readers would find harsh - it's a place to test drive essays I may someday revise, polish and submit for publication. Others reflect personal and professional interests, started but currently inactive for all practical purposes.

Other educators have different approaches to blogging and find still more uses for blogs. Blogs are popular teaching tools and resources.across the discipline, for all subjects and levels. This huge category seems best saved for another, separate and link-loaded post that lets ed blogs speak for themselves.

Many blogs are openly commercial. Some promote goods, products or services for sale - the blog equivalent of the "informercial." Many runs ads for revenue. Some blogs, like web pages, carry advertising to cover costs. For still others, usually published by "probloggers." advertising can become a major source of income if the blog becomes popular and has many readers..

Indeed, every interest areas has blogs. In the arts and literature, blogs are an affordable, easy to use medium for creating a visual portfolio and publishing works. My next project (scheduled for today but snowed out) is to help a poet friend get started blogging.

What would you do with a blog? How would you use one in your teaching? How would you use a wiki?


zahra shahsavar wrote:
Dear all,
Regarding to the differences between blog, web sit and wiki, I want to say that to my understanding, blog is an online collection of personal commentaries which is the result of wide- ranging online and offline research and often provide alternative perspective on a topic or issue; while web site is just a place on the net which gives different information around different subjects to people. We can access to some information existed on the net by wiki for instance, you can get some information about the author of the book and so on by fooling around the net.

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