Friday, November 21, 2014

Blackjack! Day 21 and Counting

The Card Players,  Theodoor Rombouts, 17th c
Day 21 brings back childhood memories...of playing Blackjack. The kind you get growing up with a card player, a card counter who worked his way through college playing bridge for fun and profit. Blackjack and other card games my father taught me for the arithmetic...and another player. Who else would teach a 10 year old cribbage for someone to play with? Forget learning Go Fish, which did learn until early teens when incredulous friends taught me. 

If I can't find a fabulously grand images for this, it's time to fold. But now onto listing the posts of the day, Staying off Facebook does give blogging a boost. All of these are fat posts. Two massive curations, no quickie re-blogs. Plus I set up Stephen Downes' OL Weekly to post re-post on PD tomorrow.

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