Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Day 18 Dispatch from the #WriMo Zone

Surprised to be here for Day 18…so sure I'd missed it, crashing before 8 pm. Between COPD and fibro, no matter when evening fatigue hits, I yield. It's time to stop referring to it as just being "very tired."

I woke up before midnight so will, once again, make it under the wire. The effect on my sleep patterns does not bear thinking about so I won't. What staying up through the night will do my my heating bill does though. December-February could be months of multiple indoor layers and knit caps indoors. Winter already seems more tiring this year.

After posting here, I'll move over to precarious faculty to catch up: NTEU Insecure Work Conference in Tasmania, Northern NM College, Education Bloggers Network, NME teleconference, an Updates Update (would that be Updates²?)

November has been trimmed to personal blogging challenges of sorts and (still not minimal enough) social media tending. Courses and other projects are more or less out the window. I'm ready to hang up on NaNoWriMo too, although I should try for a completion this year to go out with 10 straight.

from the archives, 2009: Judith Gappa & Rich Moser

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