Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day 19 Dispatch from the #WriMo Zone

Plus set up the next COCAL Updates in drafts ~ a double header. Part, November 19, is reasonably well ordered but Part, November 18, will take more work. I noticed three international news down among the other links and not up with "International."

There are other odd gaps there too: no reference to ISM Week of Global Action or the Insecure Work Conference, Filling them is not my problem although I will probably continue to add fill when a section looks too naked. After all, Updates now go out on the PD in on my network.

I'm still not getting back to community blogging, although the overlap is increasing and I share to the community pages from the ed ones. I sense that the all open and together mode G+ encourages that.

Let me task myself with a community post tomorrow then. A short one, better than none at all...

Blogged today

Nov30 deadline to apply for Jan 2015 @MLAConvention travel grants HT @Hanzimano  - 11/19/2014

#Petition Round-up - 11/19/2014

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