Friday, November 7, 2014

Dispatch from the off-line #WriMo Zone, Day 7

Seven, today's number, returns to realm of symbolically loaded numbers: Lucky 7 (sure hope so as today is also Disconnect Day 2); seven days of the week; numerology life cyles are 7 years; the same number of years for all the cells in the human body replace themselves (not all at once, obviously); Pi is 22 divided by 7; vowels sometimes reckoned as seven; waxing and waning of the moon in two 14 day periods; and more. The handiest (e.g. first found) dictionary of myth (Chetwynd) has a Numbers entry but not ones for separate numbers. Cirlot, which I also have somewhere, does.
"The Unconscious has an uncanny grasp of numbers As with patterns, numbers are at the roots of letters. Each letter of the alphabet is also a number, which makes for magical (and imaginal) computations and associations, especially with regard to names..."

So yesterday was F and today is H. Make of that or name it what you will.

Again, with internet access (which was also my radio) I can't look up "this day in history" and have no access to news of any kind. I miss the music even more. Add radio to the list of items not to depend on CenturyLink for. Here's hoping for no emergency alerts on the radio.

Zip for #digiwrimo. Is on the computer still digital if it is not online? Zip for blog posts, although I may do something similar for precarious faculty posts as planned for Computer Language Writing.

I'm trying to come up with something positive to say about Days of Disconnect. That there is a lot I can and should do ought to count as a positive. I can keep writing off-line, catch up with emails by drafting off line to send when connected, organize files on hard drive. Yesterday I bagged garbage and dumped kitchen compost containers in the outside compost bin. Today I can bag more; start on books;, clean off a table top; bring waste bin in from the street and park it next the fence, as close to the front door as I can to load from across the fence; do some laundry by hand; scrub stove top; start on closet; put litter boxes out to air; sweep; get busy on the Miss Haversham effect with the hand held Shop Vac.

I can also nap and reflect.

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