Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day 5 Dispatch from the #WriMo Zone #nablopomo

about this number…in mathematics Five is a Fermat prime and conjectured to be the only odd untouchable number, a Fibonacci and rife with religious and cultural symbolism.

For updating ease during or at the end of the day, I will list blog posts du jour at the end of this post. Speaking of history and protest, which I do on several other blogs, November 5 is also Guy Fawkes Night
Since the release in 2006 of the film V for Vendetta, set in a dystopian United Kingdom, the use of the "Guy Fawkes" mask that appears in the film has become widespread internationally among anti-establishment protest groups. The illustrator of the comic books on which the film was based, David Lloyd, has stated that the character V decided "to adopt the persona and mission of Guy Fawkes – our great historical revolutionary".
The Economist explains "How  Guy Fawkes Became the Face of Post-Modern Protest"

Also on this day ~ November 5 ~ in history: 
As for blogging du jour, the original work-around purpose of this series:

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