Saturday, November 1, 2014

#NaBloPoMo workaround list: my Nov 1 blog posts

For I am not quite sure what reason, I have answered the November BlogHer daily blog post challenge even though I already signed on for both #DigiWriMo and NaNoWriMo. What was I thinking? For starters, I already blog just about everyday, some days more than one post. 

The rub is that, although I can register multiple blogs, the daily challenge posts have to be on the same blog. This workaround, as explained on NaBloPoMo Guide (unofficial)'s handy FAQ:

How can I have posts from different blogs count towards the full month's total?
To be eligible for prizes (during a month when prizes are awarded), BlogHer's judges need to see all your daily posts in one place. If you're blogging at different blogs each day, consider cross posting your daily posts (or snippets of them with links to the full posts) at a separate blog that you create specifically for NaBloPoMo.
Today I blogged:
Plus several posts on A is for Adjunct, which shouldn't and probably doesn't count as a blog anymore than the usual social media would. I'd been thinking about about doing this anyway ~ "this" being a daily blogging/social re-cap post somewhere. "Best" design would be to follow +Laura Gibbs' model and pony up for a paid +Inoreader account with more features, I can just use clips ~ one set for me and another (others) for the blogrolls and social media streams.

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