Monday, November 3, 2014

Day 3 in the #WriMo Zone: reflections on #adjunct blogging

Hoohah...posted  today's first one before noon: current issue of The Scout Report at (or in) McGee's Cyber Closet. At this point, email, social media, and a clutch of PF Network posts were fighting for my attention: Sunday Matinee I missed, Nassau adjuncts revisited, a final DoE comment period post/exhortation.

Two more on the Tumblr section of the PF Network: a call for submissions on Precarious Faculty and COCAL Updates on Precarity Dispatches.

Now after that fine speech I fell asleep, barely missed posting this but did miss posting to precarious faculty. The lesson? Overload. Hubris. Procrastination. Priorities. Pick one.

Adding a precarious faculty post would have made four, surely a banner blogging day (even if still skipping community and other blogs). Yesterday I may have missed counting one on Blogueria and maybe another somewhere else. These are add-ons, all WordPress, are mostly reblogging other WP blog posts, often but not always with additional comments. My personal November challenge is a month of daily posts on precarious faculty. So what do I do now?  Post with a back date but not count it here for day 3 or tomorrow for day 4.

Explaining why this matter so much would be another post. The short version is that I want to beat 2012, my best year. Last year was the worst, with the fewest posts since the first year, which was not even a full year. I was finding my adjunct blogging voice then too. That process left many unfinished drafts to either delete or finish and post. The numbers tell the story, as do the posts. In 2013, I felt like I was losing my voice, helplessly watching it be subsumed into a service I was coming to question.

Then (if anything is left of the month) or sooner, Mountainair Arts, former mothership of the blogs (fewer back then) merits the same scrutiny ~ a combination of analytic attention and reflection. If/when I move to Albuquerque, should I rename them? Should I start now? Poets and Writers Picnic is a good name all by itself. Mountainair Arts is more problematic.

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