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In a rush to maintain profits, newspapers are abandoning the art of customer serviceNot what you expected for #nablopomo Day 16 was it? I still have Days 8 and 9 to post.

Let me catch up with the other blog posts while I'm here:  philanthropirates & education—déjà vu all over again; Stephen Downes' OLWeeklyTeacher Wage Theft: Active and Retired Teachers Are Being Victimized by BillionairesCall It What it Is: Predatory Reform. Tonight's Sunday (or tomorrow morning's) movie will post here tomorrow

In a rush to maintain profits, newspapers are abandoning the art of customer service: This week from Nieman Lab
Nieman Lab: The Weekly Digest

In a rush to maintain profits, newspapers are abandoning the art of customer service

The chase for short-term gain is undercutting local papers' long-term position in the community — the one asset national outlets and tech companies can't match, argues a former editor at Digital First Media. By Matt DeRienzo.

The newsonomics of Talking Points Memo's native advertising shift

The liberal political site is betting on something less commodified than banner advertising to find sustainable revenue — and to better take advantage of its unique audience. By Ken Doctor.

Can mesh networks and offline wireless move from protest tools to news?

From the protests in Hong Kong to Occupy and Sandy in New York, a new generation of tools is allowing communities to connect without using the Internet. Can they have a use in news too? By Susan E. McGregor.
Via Fuego: News from around the web
Dear Senator Ted Cruz, I'm going to explain to you how Net Neutrality ACTUALLY works – The Oatmeal
"Net Neutrality" is Obamacare for the Internet; the Internet should not operate at the speed of government.- Senator Ted Cruz (@SenTedCruz)
Tristan Walker: The Visible Man
Tristan Walker is in the house. He is posted up in the vestibule of the Fox Theatre in Redwood City, California, where the hottest venture-capital firm in Silicon Valley, Andreessen Horowitz, has just hosted a screening of a new documentary starring the rapper Nas.
How to be literate in what's changing journalism
In my 'digital thinking' class, the goal is for students to emerge fully literate in the changes affecting journalism. Here are the main currents and trends that I expect them to master by the close of the term. For each, they should understand: What it means, why it's important, and where things are going with it.
Meet Shingy, AOL's "Digital Prophet"
Shingy believes in storytelling-more story, less telling. A story can be anything-text or image, six seconds or thirteen hours. According to Shingy, we are no longer living in the age of information; it's the age of social, and social is all about conversations. How does Shingy know? Because he is a digital prophet.
Obama's call for an open Internet puts him at odds with regulators
Hours after President Obama called for the Federal Communications Commission to pass tougher regulations on high-speed Internet providers, the agency's Democratic chairman told a group of business executives that he was moving in a different direction.
The Facebook Election
The social network may end TV's long dominance of American politics - and open the door to a new kind of populism. BuzzFeed News and ABC News share exclusive access to Facebook's new ...
This is what we should fight about when we fight about BuzzFeed
In the mini-hubub that came after Ben Smith's "we don't do clickbait" piece last week, it became clear that we haven't yet settled on which arguments we want to have about BuzzFeed, the massively successful and every day more ambitious viral media machine. And it's worth having the BuzzFeed fight right.
Ending reader comments is a mistake, even if you are Reuters
Anyone who has followed our coverage of online media probably knows that I am in favor of media entities giving their readers the option to comment - even though comment sections are often filled with trolls, flame wars and spam.
Hello, My Name Is Stephen Glass, and I'm Sorry
he last time I talked to Stephen Glass, he was pleading with me on the phone to protect him from Charles Lane. Chuck, as we called him, was the editor of and Steve was my colleague and very good friend, maybe something like a little brother, though we are only two years apart in age.
Coming soon to Twitter | Twitter Blogs
A preview of some exciting improvements coming to Twitter in the coming months.
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